Welcome Aboard

My journey began as curiosity about a cool looking symbol on my husband' business card. Reading about the Plimsoll Mark introduced me to maritime social reformer Samuel Plimsoll, who campaigned tirelessly to save the lives of merchant mariners.

The Plimsoll mark has a 140 year history of keeping lives safe at sea. It indicates the heaviest a ship can be safely laden and still maintain stability. Only after a ship is properly balanced, is it regarded safe to sail the oceans.

It was hard not to notice the parallel between the symbol as it relates to an awareness of living a balanced lifestyle. Inspired by Mr. Plimsoll's quest to save lives at sea, my husband's background as a retired Merchant Mariner now Marine Cargo Surveyor, and my college studies of wellness-the balance of mind, body and spirit-, the concept of the brand Plimsoll Gear® began.

Join us as we share adventures of that literal as well as metaphorical balance. Whether at work, in business, on a yoga mat, surfboard, SUP, skateboard, sailboat, running, relationships, being a mom, whatever it is, finding a healthy balanced lifestyle, both physically and spiritually, is the key to a life well lived.   

We invite you to begin your own personal journey pursuing balance and building a community with Plimsoll Gear®

At sea and in life....It's All About Balance®

Plimsoll Gear®: It's All About Balance®´